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The fragomat server runs on 1.7.10 and all mods are up and running.

I am done, I can’t think of working on more text, more pages, more posts.
I’d just say: See ya on the server! Big surprises are waiting for you. Have fun on the moon!

Alzurana signing out!

Minecraft update in progress…

It has been a long road of failed testing and bugs over bugs, but here we are, now!

The fragomat minecraft server will be updated from 1.4.7 to 1.7.10!
Some mods will disappear, others will be added. We tried our best to convert the map but unfortunately, almost all machines are lost. This is a fresh start! Of course, it’s sad that we obviously have to start from scratch. Metal blocks will stay in the world. This update is not final at all. All custom recipes are still missing, some nasty bugs exist within this setup but we decided to do this leap as fast as possible.

The servers are offline until 09_07_2014 1600 UTC.

More information below!

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We’re up again!

Hey there, FELLAS!


Much time has passed since the last post and a lot of things have changed so far.
The whole server hardware has been swapped to a beasty piece of pure awesomeness.
Here is a little summary of the upgrade:
AMD Athlon II X4 -> Intel i7 2600k
100mBit -> 1000mBit full duplex connection
Also, the connection appears to be hooked onto a huge central data line which spreads all over Europe,
as well as the so called “GhostNet” which reduces ping times by 35%
2x500GB HDD space -> 2x2TB HDD space

This hardware change made us jizz our pants, really!

This beast serves a group of VM’s which isolate the services for more security, key lengths and passkeys have been increased.

And another big thing:
The official fragomat sites switched nginx as well, which provides better response times and stability on higher server loads.


All in all, it has been a hell of an update, and there are surprises ahead! Stay tuned and in the meantime, FLY SAFE! 😉


HAYO Another MC news time!


So we’ve updated the server to 1.8.1
Also we’ve updated Industrial craft to IC2 v1.23 and Buildcraft to version 2.2.5
RedPower is called RedPower2, now.
There are alot of awesome, cool, new features involved in this update.

However there are always some bad news:
Since IC2 is incompatible with IC we experience some lags and client freezes in the old world.
I HIGHLY RECOMMEND TO USE A x64 java version!
I am sorry for all who have lost their stuff, but we also had to delete all old IC stuff since, naa?
Yes, it’s incompatible.

Location Changes:
Byte’s lava caste is now located East of the spawn.
Overviwer map will come soon.
Also we will update the teleporters ASAP, so don’t worry.
Sora’s sphere moved a little bit closer towards the spawn.
There is a new Industrial “No Cheating” Location. I will set up the teleporters, soon.

Last but not least:
All player data is gone, so you all will wake up at the spawn again.
I had to delete the player files because of IC2.

That’s it, I hope you will enjoy the new, a little bit more up to date, server. ^^

Mailserver + Just another update vol2

Hey guys, Alzurana here!

Today I was fumbeling around in the gearbox of the postfix server and achieved something great.
GMX accepts outgoing mail from our server and it seems like I finally did a secure setup with blacklisting and spam blocking (no filter so far). Still no one can send mail to us, because a DNS entry is missing and I have to wait until my ticket gets answerd and the DNS settings are getting updated.

For everyone on, we have a web-interface for your mail already:
[Web interface for mailing]
Just log in with your mail and your regular password and you can send mails, already. 🙂

Tomorrow evening reciving mail should work properly.

Until then, have fun and good frags!

Because sora was to grumpy to give you a picture, I will do so:


Gallery + Just another update vol1

Check out our new Gallery. At the moment, there are only picture about Minecraft.
But there will be more 😀

Klick (Gallery)


Oh BTW guys, we were working hard on a jabber server with MySQL and virtual domains support. The server is now working with MySQL now we have to configure virtual domain support. Later on everyone will have a jabber account within our comunity. We hope to get all of our users together to create a better gaming and web experiance.

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