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Minecraft update in progress…

It has been a long road of failed testing and bugs over bugs, but here we are, now!

The fragomat minecraft server will be updated from 1.4.7 to 1.7.10!
Some mods will disappear, others will be added. We tried our best to convert the map but unfortunately, almost all machines are lost. This is a fresh start! Of course, it’s sad that we obviously have to start from scratch. Metal blocks will stay in the world. This update is not final at all. All custom recipes are still missing, some nasty bugs exist within this setup but we decided to do this leap as fast as possible.

The servers are offline until 09_07_2014 1600 UTC.

More information below!

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We’re up again!

Hey there, FELLAS!


Much time has passed since the last post and a lot of things have changed so far.
The whole server hardware has been swapped to a beasty piece of pure awesomeness.
Here is a little summary of the upgrade:
AMD Athlon II X4 -> Intel i7 2600k
100mBit -> 1000mBit full duplex connection
Also, the connection appears to be hooked onto a huge central data line which spreads all over Europe,
as well as the so called “GhostNet” which reduces ping times by 35%
2x500GB HDD space -> 2x2TB HDD space

This hardware change made us jizz our pants, really!

This beast serves a group of VM’s which isolate the services for more security, key lengths and passkeys have been increased.

And another big thing:
The official fragomat sites switched nginx as well, which provides better response times and stability on higher server loads.


All in all, it has been a hell of an update, and there are surprises ahead! Stay tuned and in the meantime, FLY SAFE! ūüėČ


ACTA – The fight against the lobbyists continues!

We won against SOPA.
But there is no time to celebrate, yet. It seems like our governments are trying to censor the internet AT ALL COSTS.

ACTA stands for Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement. It’s a new, lets call it “bill”, discussed in the European Union (EU) and it SHOULD protect copyrights. That’s all nice an fair, but WHAT IS ACTA in reality?


ACTA would allow companies to censor the internet. YES! Not the state would do the censorship. Companies will do.    Sharing an article from a newspaper would become illegal.     Sharing books or parts of them would be illegal, too. Also, it could become illegal to quote a book. The possibilities are endless and horrifying.

You can read more about ACTA and how it works on the [AVAAZ page].

ACTA is a thread on freedom. So please go to the AVAAZ page and sign the petition. For a free web AND for a free world!


“PIPA and SOPA, how about NOPA!”

Who ever visited on 18th January 2012 got this message and nothing else to look at.
it was a magic day. The internet fought against censorship and we can hope that we succeeded. Everyone joined our little competition, and humanity was, once again, united. Against censorship.

About 115.000 sites went offline that day, 10 million signatures were collected and even the english wikipedia site was down.
These are only a few stats from the strike. We encourage you all to read the full statistics on the SOPAstrike site.

But we are not over it, yet! The bill is still pending and we need all help we can get to wake up the US congress. Stop SOPA, call your senator or send him an e-mail if you’re living in the US. If not, pray! Pray and get your US American friends to call their senators. ;D



On 18th January 2012, this site is joining the web wide [SOPA strike] to prevent the bill of censorship which is currently pending to pass the congress voting on 24th. Of course, this is not an US site, but still we are engaged in every censorship or data privacy protection fight on the globe. You can guess, why: If the US says “We allow censorship”, then other countries will follow and we can’t allow that to happen.
If you have a website, or a server, or whatever, we urge you to go on the strike, too.
Of course, we can’t force our customers to join in, therefor customer sites will stay online. It’s up to them if they join or not. Also the minecraft server stays intact. Keep in mind that you can’t access the minecraft page, and therefor you will be unable to get the client if you loose it.


The strike will begin at 08:00 CET and last for 12 hours.
During those hours you will see a placeholder which redirects you to the [strike site] if you click it.



I’ve pushed the deadline a bit.
The site will go down at 08:00 EST. We want to be more synchronous with the rest of the world.

06:00 EST is 12:00 CET <– Our Time.

So the site will go down when it’s 6 am in New York / 12:00 in Germany!

LDAP Wahnsinn oder machbar?

Habe mich heute in der Arbeit (legalerweise) etwas √ľber web basierte Groupware informiert. Das ganze Thema ist etwas un√ľbersichtlich, genauso wie die Software-Auswahl. Hier mal ein paar die ich mir angeschaut habe:¬†(Ausgewachsen, √§hnelt Outlook, un√ľbersichtlich) (Das UI gesehen und sofort wieder geschlossen)¬†(Ausgewachsen, zu √ľberladen) (Minimalistisch, Übersichtlich, User freundlich)

Mein Favorit ist klar SOGo, er ist f√ľr unsere Zwecke ausreichend, bietet auch eine¬†M√∂glichkeit mit Thunderbird und sieht nicht schlecht aus.

So nun zum eigentlichen Thema, f√ľr SOGo braucht man ein LDAP. Dieses Thema ist noch viel un√ľbersichtlich als die viele¬†Groupware-Software.
Vorweg zwischen LDAP-Verzeichnisse und das LDAP-Protokoll. Die LDAP-Verzeichnisse sind hierarchisch aufgebaut, mit Suffixen. Man kann die suffixe gut mit Laufwerksbuchstaben in windows vergleichen, nur das man halt nicht C, D, E, hat sondern ein beliebiges Wort nehmen kann. Aber in diese Verzeichnisse legt man keine Datein, eher Informationen ähnlich wie in einer Datenbank. Das LDAP-Protokoll ist das eigentliche Herz, es ist in der DoD-Schicht 4 angesiedelt. Dort befinden sich z.B. auch HTTP, FTP usw.

LDAP scheint unter Linux nicht einfach zu konfigurieren sein. Momentan suche ich nach einem Programm das das LDAP f√ľr mich verwaltet. Manchmal w√§re ich froh Windows zu benutzen, denn Microsoft Avtive Directory benutzt auch LDAP, ist aber wesentlich einfacher zu konfigurieren.


EDIT: Einen¬†wichtigen Punkt den ich vergessen habe ist,¬†das man das LDAP nat√ľhrlich auch als Zentrale-Nutzerverwaltung verwenden kann. Das w√ľrde uns etwas Arbeit mit MySQL Datenbank ersparen, aber insgesamt ist es nat√ľhrlich mehr Arbeit. Gew√§hrleistet muss auch sein, das unsere ganze Software mit mit LDAP zurechtkommt.


Am Rande: Ich hab nichts gegen Roundcube mail, es ist sehr gut wie ich finde, aber ich w√ľnsche¬†mir mehr. Die Kontakte in Roundcube mail sind nicht mit anderen clients abrufbar. Kein Kalender und¬†keine teilbaren¬†Termine.


Wer sich mit dem Thema auskennt, Lust und Spaß an der Freude hat, kann sich bei mir melden: sora at fragomat dot net.

Minecraft Server update 1.7.3

Actually some would guess the update from 1.7.2 to 1.7.3 wouldn’t bring such a difference. That’s not true. With 1.7.3 the bukkit team removed a huge bug, which caused the server to occupy more and more RAM. With the update we won’t need restarts every 6 hours anymore. I will do those restarts now once a day at about 3 o clock in the morning.
Every medal has 2 sides. The update to 1.7.3 is causing a bug which randomly deletes contents of signs, furnaces and chests. This bug should be really rare but still it’s there. So if signs or chests are empty we can’t do a roll back. It’s a bug and we have to wait for another update. I am sorry but I currently can’t do anything about it. I still hope that your minecraft experience will be bugfree and smooth.

Have fun guys! You will hear from me, soon!





Hey, guys!

I recieved some good news, today. won’t block our mail anymore, but still we can expect some delays because of greylisting. So if you’re sending an e-mail to it could take 10 minutes utill even hours before it gets there. Greylisting is a process, that will disappear slowly. Their webserver has to learn about ours so it will take some time and some mails until everything works immideately.

Another problem solved! YEAH!

100% mail, 90% mail

Hey guys!

I’ve got a litte update for all, who are using the mailing service:
I did a little bit configuration on the server and the DNS entries are done. We can recieve and send mail and it shouldn’t get blocked anymore. Our mail is SPF secure and uses a DKIM signature to prevent spoofing. Yeah, I know what you are thinking: “What the hell is the geek talking about?” Well, simply, the mailserver works fine.

HOWEVER we experienced a little problem with the mailing service keeps refusing our server and I just can’t figure out why. If you have users which use be shure to notify them somehow that you can’t send mails there. I am sorry, but currently I can’t change anything about it. ūüôĀ I will notify to find a solution, next week. Until then, be patient.

Ah one quick announcement:

I singed up for google adsense, which means we will have some advertisement on this site, soon. I will place it where it won’t annoy your experience of this site so don’t worry, I guess you won’t even recognize it.

Since this becomes tradition, have a picture:

I added a little widget to the right, which provides information about the minecraft server.

Mailserver + Just another update vol2

Hey guys, Alzurana here!

Today I was fumbeling around in the gearbox of the postfix server and achieved something great.
GMX accepts outgoing mail from our server and it seems like I finally did a secure setup with blacklisting and spam blocking (no filter so far). Still no one can send mail to us, because a DNS entry is missing and I have to wait until my ticket gets answerd and the DNS settings are getting updated.

For everyone on, we have a web-interface for your mail already:
[Web interface for mailing]
Just log in with your mail and your regular password and you can send mails, already. ūüôā

Tomorrow evening reciving mail should work properly.

Until then, have fun and good frags!

Because sora was to grumpy to give you a picture, I will do so:


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