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Some news and secrets <:

Hey hey, it’s me again.

Actually that’s nothing special, got about 20 people, which go on here every day, klicking/refreshing about 50-100 times all together, so that’s no big deal.


Minecraft Update:
For godness sake! Notch can’t code. It’s still hard to change the map height. I’m not shure if I can implement that feature in time, we will see. If not we will just switch to a higher MC version without a higher map. Maybe he implements it with 1.9 or 1.10. That’s actually the second minecraft point. The main server will be updated as soon as there is a stable build with all our plugins and mods AND Industrial Craft 2. Unfortuneatly I can’t scedule that to a specific day or even week. Just be patient. For everyone who wants to play the latest minecraft (currently 1.8.1) can do so on our vanilla test server at It’s public so be careful. Don’t forget to backup your .minecraft folder before you update! And we will delete the testmap as soon as we update the main server. As I said, it’s a test server.


Other stuff going on:
I’m currently working on a secret game project which HOPEFULLY will be released as “family and friends pre alpha” within the next 2-4 weeks. That means everyone, who want’s to play it and is a good friend of mine/us will be able to. Now some information about it:

  • It will be a MMO
  • It will be 2D
  • It will have a huge crafting system (someday xD)
  • It’s the pre release of the “Project Triniton game idea” just to test the concept in a smaller environment and in 2D
  • It may envolve to Project Triniton 3D later, we will see. 🙂
  • It will be runable on linux and windows
  • It will be in space
  • It will be awesome
  • There is cake!


One last thing before I go.
Have a map screenie!
Are there more secrets which will be revealed the next few days?
Maybe 🙂

Brainfuck madness…

Sometimes it’s just hard to sort your thoughts, especially if you’re working on such huge projects like Project Triniton. Yes, this is the first PJ_T post on this blog, and alot more will follow. Also there will be more posts about other game development ideas I’m currently working on. Read more, it’s worth it!


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