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Sim City 5 – online enforcement and simulation madness

SimCity-5Hello guys,

I’m writing to you with a concern that has been on my mind for quite some time.
As the title says right away this post is going to be about the SimCity 5 madness that has been brought to us by EA and Maxis.



1. I am going to discuss the problems with the released game.
2. I will talk about the community requests.
3. And finally I will try my best to reason why Maxis is not listening to any of the complaints of their customers.

Lets start right away, I hope this will give you a little insight of what I think is going on, enjoy reading:

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Edit: Free Choice…


Just surfed around on 9gag, found this:

Don´t be a cow. You have the choice. Be against ACTA.


Awesome edit, Sora! ^^

ACTA – The fight against the lobbyists continues!

We won against SOPA.
But there is no time to celebrate, yet. It seems like our governments are trying to censor the internet AT ALL COSTS.

ACTA stands for Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement. It’s a new, lets call it “bill”, discussed in the European Union (EU) and it SHOULD protect copyrights. That’s all nice an fair, but WHAT IS ACTA in reality?


ACTA would allow companies to censor the internet. YES! Not the state would do the censorship. Companies will do.    Sharing an article from a newspaper would become illegal.     Sharing books or parts of them would be illegal, too. Also, it could become illegal to quote a book. The possibilities are endless and horrifying.

You can read more about ACTA and how it works on the [AVAAZ page].

ACTA is a thread on freedom. So please go to the AVAAZ page and sign the petition. For a free web AND for a free world!


“PIPA and SOPA, how about NOPA!”

Who ever visited on 18th January 2012 got this message and nothing else to look at.
it was a magic day. The internet fought against censorship and we can hope that we succeeded. Everyone joined our little competition, and humanity was, once again, united. Against censorship.

About 115.000 sites went offline that day, 10 million signatures were collected and even the english wikipedia site was down.
These are only a few stats from the strike. We encourage you all to read the full statistics on the SOPAstrike site.

But we are not over it, yet! The bill is still pending and we need all help we can get to wake up the US congress. Stop SOPA, call your senator or send him an e-mail if you’re living in the US. If not, pray! Pray and get your US American friends to call their senators. ;D



On 18th January 2012, this site is joining the web wide [SOPA strike] to prevent the bill of censorship which is currently pending to pass the congress voting on 24th. Of course, this is not an US site, but still we are engaged in every censorship or data privacy protection fight on the globe. You can guess, why: If the US says “We allow censorship”, then other countries will follow and we can’t allow that to happen.
If you have a website, or a server, or whatever, we urge you to go on the strike, too.
Of course, we can’t force our customers to join in, therefor customer sites will stay online. It’s up to them if they join or not. Also the minecraft server stays intact. Keep in mind that you can’t access the minecraft page, and therefor you will be unable to get the client if you loose it.


The strike will begin at 08:00 CET and last for 12 hours.
During those hours you will see a placeholder which redirects you to the [strike site] if you click it.



I’ve pushed the deadline a bit.
The site will go down at 08:00 EST. We want to be more synchronous with the rest of the world.

06:00 EST is 12:00 CET <– Our Time.

So the site will go down when it’s 6 am in New York / 12:00 in Germany!

Fried hardware & minecraft madness… -.-“

Guys I have some very bad news for you today.
While I was doing some serious minecraft update shit, my computer crashed. Then… it crashed again, and again, and again. I couldn’t help but looking into my machine and I figured that my mainboard got frierd. I’m currently trying to fix that problem but apparently, since now I was unable to do so. I will turn on the MC server on it’s old version so you people can play. However you need the old client. Since I can’t access my old data I’m unable to upload it again, so DO NOT DOWNLOAD THE NEW CLIENT! I will break the link, so a download will be impossible. If you already did the update try to contact a member with the old client. I’m sorry, the universe hates me. I will give you some update news when my computer runs again.

Alzurana, out!


PS: Sora, it would be nice if you could pack the old client (if you still have it) and upload it as “”. As soon as you did this the link will work again, so you !!don’t!! have to change the minecraft page!

*EDIT: Old vanilla minecraft server is online!

Out of my head! Me haz BUKKIT!

Intresting stuff… I dreamed, that I was writing a blog entry because someone buggered me to do so. YES I’M LOOKING AT YOU, BYTE!


Well anyways, I got some news from krnlyng.


“But who the fuck is ‘krnghrlyngh’  Alzu?”

First of all, his name is krnlyng.
Second, he ports mods that usually only work with vanilla_minecraft to craftbukkit, our old (less buggy) minecraft server. You maybe remember that time when we had world edit. When we had Permissions. When you could type “/tp Alzu” and you were ported to me without that annoying map-loading bug. But I’m loosing the point. He told me that I should have a look at the forum post and read the posts of the last 2 days.
That’s what I’ve found:

Maeyanie, on 30 August 2011 – 08:33 PM, said: In other news, BuildCraft 2.1.0 and RedPower 1.7.1 are ported and in testing, they should be out Soon™


“But what does that mean, Alzu?”

That means that we’re finally going back to bukkit.
WITH buildcraft 2.1.0 (update from 1.7.x)
WITH oil
WITH industrial craft (ver 8.55_02 no IC²)
WITH redstone triggered lamps in different colors from eloraam
THAT’S OVER 9000 about 20.

I’m currently testing some stuff, updating plugins, checking ID’s.
We should be bukkit ready on the weekend, when all the testing is done. For that I will have to shut down the miencraft server for about 2-4 hours, since I have to prepare the map for it and test some new plugins with our old map. I will do that in the middle of the night or in the mornig. Hopefully no one will be online.
I wish I could tell you that I will install IC² right away, but it’s not out yet. Also I’m sad that this update came before minecraft 1.8 . BUT WE WILL BE BACK AT HOME! WITH BUKKIT! *runs against a wall*

That’s it, fasten your seat belts, we’re going home!

DE: lebt wieder!

Hallo Leute!

Soeben habe ich etwas erfahren, das mein Herz höher schlagen ließ. Es ist der Beweis, dass es doch noch widerstandsfähige Gruppierungen in unserer Gesellschaft aus Schafen und Mitläufern gibt. Die Rede ist von der Wiedergeburt von welche nun unter dem Namen “” bekannt ist. Da die Inhalte der Seite rechtlich brisant sind werde ich diese hier nicht verlinken. Gebt die Adresse selbst in euren Browser ein, wenn ihr euch selbst überzeugen wollt.
      Die neue Sammellinksseite für Filme und Serien ist ein Beweis dafür, dass unsere Gesellschaft noch nicht aufgegeben hat. Sie ist ein Symbol für den Widerstand derjenigen, die für die Freiheit der Menschen und gegen die großen Konzerne kämpfen. Natürlich ist es falsch nicht für Werke zu zahlen, welche das geistige Gut anderer sind, immerhin haben diese hart dafür gearbeitet. stand aber nie für das Stehlen von anderen. steht für das freie Verteilen von Information, von Wissen. Für das Teilen und gemeinsame Erleben von Erlebnisqualitäten, unabhängig von Herkunft oder Einkommen., das ist der Widerstand gegen die Medien und gegen die Regierung, welche eine Folge von z.b. how I met your mother mit einer Laufzeit von 20 Minuten mit 10 Minuten Werbung versehen. Man schaut also 30 Minuten Fern und 1/3 des gezeigten Materials ist vollkommene Gehirnwäsche und interessiert tatsächlich niemanden. Dies ist nur ein kleines Beispiel des Mülls mit dem wir Tag täglich beworfen werden.


Ich möchte diesen Blogeintrag mit einem Aufruf beenden:


Wehrt euch!

  • Zeigt Widerstand gegen die Medien, welche versuchen euer Denken zu leiten.
  • Zeigt Widerstand gegen die Regierung, welche am liebsten wüsste wann ihr wo wart und wann ihr wieso gefurzt habt
  • Wehrt euch gegen die Abstumpfung, gegen Akzeptanz widriger Umstände.
  • Wehrt euch gegen die Abschaffung des Datenschutzes.
  • Sagt NEIN, wenn ihr etwas nicht wollt.
  • Sagt NEIN, wenn eure Privatsphäre angegriffen wird!
  • Lasst das einfach nicht zu!

Und liebt den Tentakel!


In diesem Sinne, bleibt sauber!


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