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Alternative site design

Some of you might noticed broken sub pages, etc. since yesterday.
Obviously, our previous skin broke with the recent wordpress update and that’s why all of you couldn’t access the minecraft page anymore, for example.
We’re working on a fix but for the time being I changed the sites design skin. Everything is available, again. 🙂





The fragomat server runs on 1.7.10 and all mods are up and running.

I am done, I can’t think of working on more text, more pages, more posts.
I’d just say: See ya on the server! Big surprises are waiting for you. Have fun on the moon!

Alzurana signing out!

We’re up again!

Hey there, FELLAS!


Much time has passed since the last post and a lot of things have changed so far.
The whole server hardware has been swapped to a beasty piece of pure awesomeness.
Here is a little summary of the upgrade:
AMD Athlon II X4 -> Intel i7 2600k
100mBit -> 1000mBit full duplex connection
Also, the connection appears to be hooked onto a huge central data line which spreads all over Europe,
as well as the so called “GhostNet” which reduces ping times by 35%
2x500GB HDD space -> 2x2TB HDD space

This hardware change made us jizz our pants, really!

This beast serves a group of VM’s which isolate the services for more security, key lengths and passkeys have been increased.

And another big thing:
The official fragomat sites switched nginx as well, which provides better response times and stability on higher server loads.


All in all, it has been a hell of an update, and there are surprises ahead! Stay tuned and in the meantime, FLY SAFE! 😉


F*cking Right!

Fucking Right

A little look through the eyes of your gods

To be a god is boring. So I created this Minecraftmap and the players to decorate it. But I forgot them, because I was occupied by a cute little … ahm… lets just say I forgot them. They begun to build. On a party with other drunken gods, I remembered them through the haze of alcohol. I see they build this:

I like it. Build more. Build better. I have to do very important things, and will soon have another look at you.
Your pity gods. AND NOW WORK!!!

About Page

This is pretty simple and short:
I felt to write an about page, since there weren’t enough information for stalkers available, here.
We’ve got one, now. Enjoy it. It’s finest brain juice! No it’s not. Or is it?

*EDIT: I believe Sora will add his stuff soon, too!
**EDIT: I just realized the pages on the top say “ABOUT MINECRAFT” O_O

ACTA – The fight against the lobbyists continues!

We won against SOPA.
But there is no time to celebrate, yet. It seems like our governments are trying to censor the internet AT ALL COSTS.

ACTA stands for Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement. It’s a new, lets call it “bill”, discussed in the European Union (EU) and it SHOULD protect copyrights. That’s all nice an fair, but WHAT IS ACTA in reality?


ACTA would allow companies to censor the internet. YES! Not the state would do the censorship. Companies will do.    Sharing an article from a newspaper would become illegal.     Sharing books or parts of them would be illegal, too. Also, it could become illegal to quote a book. The possibilities are endless and horrifying.

You can read more about ACTA and how it works on the [AVAAZ page].

ACTA is a thread on freedom. So please go to the AVAAZ page and sign the petition. For a free web AND for a free world!


“PIPA and SOPA, how about NOPA!”

Who ever visited on 18th January 2012 got this message and nothing else to look at.
it was a magic day. The internet fought against censorship and we can hope that we succeeded. Everyone joined our little competition, and humanity was, once again, united. Against censorship.

About 115.000 sites went offline that day, 10 million signatures were collected and even the english wikipedia site was down.
These are only a few stats from the strike. We encourage you all to read the full statistics on the SOPAstrike site.

But we are not over it, yet! The bill is still pending and we need all help we can get to wake up the US congress. Stop SOPA, call your senator or send him an e-mail if you’re living in the US. If not, pray! Pray and get your US American friends to call their senators. ;D



On 18th January 2012, this site is joining the web wide [SOPA strike] to prevent the bill of censorship which is currently pending to pass the congress voting on 24th. Of course, this is not an US site, but still we are engaged in every censorship or data privacy protection fight on the globe. You can guess, why: If the US says “We allow censorship”, then other countries will follow and we can’t allow that to happen.
If you have a website, or a server, or whatever, we urge you to go on the strike, too.
Of course, we can’t force our customers to join in, therefor customer sites will stay online. It’s up to them if they join or not. Also the minecraft server stays intact. Keep in mind that you can’t access the minecraft page, and therefor you will be unable to get the client if you loose it.


The strike will begin at 08:00 CET and last for 12 hours.
During those hours you will see a placeholder which redirects you to the [strike site] if you click it.



I’ve pushed the deadline a bit.
The site will go down at 08:00 EST. We want to be more synchronous with the rest of the world.

06:00 EST is 12:00 CET <– Our Time.

So the site will go down when it’s 6 am in New York / 12:00 in Germany!

Minecraft Roadmap: Future Updates

Hey guys, I wanna tell you how the future of our minecraft server will look like:

Today Industrial Craft 2 (IC²) got released. I’m sad, it’s just the singleplayer version and multiplayer will take some more time and workaround of the industrial craft team. You can read more on their page. Also minecraft 1.8, the adventure update will come within the next week(s). So what does that mean to our server.

I belive that IC² multiplayer will be released before all mods are 1.8 ready. In that case I will do a “small” update for IC² and we will stay on 1.7 for a while. As soon as the modloader and bukkit is 1.8 ready I will do a second HUGE update to 1.8.


1.8 will expand the maps highest point from 128 blocks height to 512 blocks height which means, that our old map will be “corrupted” or better it will be below sea level. We will flood the whole old map to make shure it fits into the appearance of the new one. If you want to protect your buildings you should start building huge glass domes above your cities. This is important! If you don’t do this your area will be completely underwater! Heet this lecture, you cannot say I didn’t warned you! We always tell you guys to read the news on here, so if your stuff gets underwater it’s not our fault. Since we’re back on bukkit we can help you building domes with only a few commands so tell us if you want so set up a larger dome.


That’s all for now. Alzurana out!

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