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Minecraft Update done

Hey guys, the MC update is done. You’re going to need a new client and you will find it on our minecraft page.

We’re now running all the cool new mods, also we returned to the bukkit API. You may need to register with the server on first login. Just type “/register <the password you desire>”. I wish you a lot of fun with the new IMPROOVED minecraft.
One last note:
I had to delete all player files. A bug forced me to, I’m sorry. 🙁



  • Some items won’t appear in your inventory if you “give” them with to many items. You can fix that by looking into a chest while using TMI or through a relog, but a relog would be the last choice.
  • I don’t know if I could delete all corrupted areas on the map. If your client crashes and keeps crashing on login, please note me. I have to do some map patchwork, then.
  • Sometimes the client keeps freezing. This seems to be a bug, caused by the bukkit build of buildcraft. Should be fixed within the next few days, I don’t know but the ModloaderMP team is on it.
  • Buildcrafts oil within a pipe seems to cause heavy.. HEAVY traffic between server and client. Don’t transport to much oil or please use buckets. This is either a modloader<->bukkit “bug” or it is buildcraft itself that loves traffic. Will be fixed soon. (hope so)
  • Never forget, minecraft and especially our mods are all more or less beta, therefor bugs are normal. Still it’s a good idea to report them. If you have a bug to report please mail it to It would be AWESOME if you could mail instructions of how to reproduce the bug, too.


Industrial Craft 2 will be out, soon. Be prepared for another update within the next 1-3 weeks.
Also minecraft 1.8 will be released, soon. I hope the mods will follow ASAP.

Uh, before I forget have a look at my “awesome fixed mainboard”!


Alzurana Out!

Minecraft update + hardware fixed

First of all I want to tell ya what’s broken and what’s not.
Back to friday:
Somehow, the universe hates me, because my computer started failing a short time before I was done with the update. Now I have to do everything again which is kinda crappy.
After I checked the whole system I could tell that there was only one error on my mainboard:
Two capacitors at the additional 4 pin ATX voltage converter burnt out.(speaking of the 24 pin cable, not the 12V 4 pin CPU supply) After 2 days of searching and soldering my cousin and me could replace them. My computer is running stable and even better since then. xP
Still I have to use the onboard GFX because the handling of the board caused an old bug to rise from the dead. My PCIe 16x line is currently not working. Editing the MC map in a 3D editor will become a pain in my neck but the best just for you, guys, so I will start working on the MC update again. With or without my computer I will update the server today.


Minecraft server downtime MK2:

Since no one is online, the server will go down NOW.
I should have everything back and running before 20:00 CEST.
So the downtime is from 16:30 – 20:00 CEST.

As soon as the server is online again you will need the client update.
This time I will change the download link AFTER I did the update on the server.


Love and peace, Alzu

Fried hardware & minecraft madness… -.-“

Guys I have some very bad news for you today.
While I was doing some serious minecraft update shit, my computer crashed. Then… it crashed again, and again, and again. I couldn’t help but looking into my machine and I figured that my mainboard got frierd. I’m currently trying to fix that problem but apparently, since now I was unable to do so. I will turn on the MC server on it’s old version so you people can play. However you need the old client. Since I can’t access my old data I’m unable to upload it again, so DO NOT DOWNLOAD THE NEW CLIENT! I will break the link, so a download will be impossible. If you already did the update try to contact a member with the old client. I’m sorry, the universe hates me. I will give you some update news when my computer runs again.

Alzurana, out!


PS: Sora, it would be nice if you could pack the old client (if you still have it) and upload it as “”. As soon as you did this the link will work again, so you !!don’t!! have to change the minecraft page!

*EDIT: Old vanilla minecraft server is online!

Minecraft is down, OH NOES!

As announced previously the minecraft server will go down for a while, now!
The downtime will begin today, at 16:00 CEST and last for at least 2-4 hours.
That means that the server will be back sometime between 18:00 – 20:00 CEST.


Mods to be updated:

  • Buildcraft 2.1.1 (2 new modules)
  • RedPower 1.7.1 (2 new modules)
  • Craftbukkit revision 1060
  • Industrial Craft 8.55_02 + IshFix 0.4

Other things to be done:

  • Limit the borders of our map to +-15000 coordiantes on x/z axe
  • Deleting empty parts of the world
  • Bugfixing
  • Whitelist Update

Expected bugs (yes they’re expected):

  • We may will have some problems with the give or /i command. Items won’t appear in your inventory even though you got them. I will try to fix that. If you look into a chest and use the /i command it will work properly. If I can’t fix the issue in time we will have to live with it for a while.


That’s it, I wish you a nice downtime. :O


Of course you will need a new client after the update.
The client will be released at16:00 CEST so you can update while the server is down.

*EDIT: Client is up and ready!

A new buildcaft and hopefully back to bukkit.

Hey guys, real quick:

I just figured, that the Mod Loader seems to be 1.7.3 compatible, which means that we’re going back to craftbukkit plus build craft and industrial craft IF it’s possible. I really hope so. :S Second, there is a new buildcraft preview of new features that will come soon. Have a look, it’ll be awesomesoace!
Video below!

Back to the roots: Vanilla Minecraft

Hey guys!

Today I have a HUUUGE update on our minecraft server for you!
Here’s the changelog:
1. I got rid of bukkit. (Maybe just for a while, I hope so! 🙁 )
That means, that all old bukkit mods (except runecraft) won’t work anymore. I’m sorry. Later in the future, I will do a rollback to bukkit. Right now we have huge problems with bringing all the plugins together, so I had to disable it for a while.
2. We have 2 brand new mods installed.
They are HUGE, you should check out the features on youtube:
(German video)


I am sorry but the youtube video has been removed. Instead I will post the links to the minecraftforum and the wiki:
[Buildcraft at Minecraftforum]
[Industrialcraft at Minecraftforum]
[Industrialcraft Wiki]


YOU DON’T HAVE TO DO THE INSTALL! The download of the recommended client will below this post!
3. As said above, you need a special client to connect.
The client is modded with both mods plus “to many items”
to many items is the replacement for our /i command.
Simply open your inventory and press ‘o’ like ooohhh.

[Modded Minecraft 1.7.3]

Please go to the minecraft tab and check for the client download, there. Thank you. 🙂

How to install:
1. Open up %appdata%, if you don’t know how to do this, start>run, then type in %appdata%
2. Backup your .minecraft folder
3. delete the old .minecraft folder (of course not the backup)
4. extract the new .minecraft folder where the old was.
5. CAKE!

I hope you’ll have fun with the new mods.
If something shouldn’t work, feel free to leave a comment!

Minecraft Server update 1.7.3

Actually some would guess the update from 1.7.2 to 1.7.3 wouldn’t bring such a difference. That’s not true. With 1.7.3 the bukkit team removed a huge bug, which caused the server to occupy more and more RAM. With the update we won’t need restarts every 6 hours anymore. I will do those restarts now once a day at about 3 o clock in the morning.
Every medal has 2 sides. The update to 1.7.3 is causing a bug which randomly deletes contents of signs, furnaces and chests. This bug should be really rare but still it’s there. So if signs or chests are empty we can’t do a roll back. It’s a bug and we have to wait for another update. I am sorry but I currently can’t do anything about it. I still hope that your minecraft experience will be bugfree and smooth.

Have fun guys! You will hear from me, soon!








DE: lebt wieder!

Hallo Leute!

Soeben habe ich etwas erfahren, das mein Herz höher schlagen ließ. Es ist der Beweis, dass es doch noch widerstandsfähige Gruppierungen in unserer Gesellschaft aus Schafen und Mitläufern gibt. Die Rede ist von der Wiedergeburt von welche nun unter dem Namen “” bekannt ist. Da die Inhalte der Seite rechtlich brisant sind werde ich diese hier nicht verlinken. Gebt die Adresse selbst in euren Browser ein, wenn ihr euch selbst überzeugen wollt.
      Die neue Sammellinksseite für Filme und Serien ist ein Beweis dafür, dass unsere Gesellschaft noch nicht aufgegeben hat. Sie ist ein Symbol für den Widerstand derjenigen, die für die Freiheit der Menschen und gegen die großen Konzerne kämpfen. Natürlich ist es falsch nicht für Werke zu zahlen, welche das geistige Gut anderer sind, immerhin haben diese hart dafür gearbeitet. stand aber nie für das Stehlen von anderen. steht für das freie Verteilen von Information, von Wissen. Für das Teilen und gemeinsame Erleben von Erlebnisqualitäten, unabhängig von Herkunft oder Einkommen., das ist der Widerstand gegen die Medien und gegen die Regierung, welche eine Folge von z.b. how I met your mother mit einer Laufzeit von 20 Minuten mit 10 Minuten Werbung versehen. Man schaut also 30 Minuten Fern und 1/3 des gezeigten Materials ist vollkommene Gehirnwäsche und interessiert tatsächlich niemanden. Dies ist nur ein kleines Beispiel des Mülls mit dem wir Tag täglich beworfen werden.


Ich möchte diesen Blogeintrag mit einem Aufruf beenden:


Wehrt euch!

  • Zeigt Widerstand gegen die Medien, welche versuchen euer Denken zu leiten.
  • Zeigt Widerstand gegen die Regierung, welche am liebsten wüsste wann ihr wo wart und wann ihr wieso gefurzt habt
  • Wehrt euch gegen die Abstumpfung, gegen Akzeptanz widriger Umstände.
  • Wehrt euch gegen die Abschaffung des Datenschutzes.
  • Sagt NEIN, wenn ihr etwas nicht wollt.
  • Sagt NEIN, wenn eure Privatsphäre angegriffen wird!
  • Lasst das einfach nicht zu!

Und liebt den Tentakel!


In diesem Sinne, bleibt sauber!


Gallery + Just another update vol1

Check out our new Gallery. At the moment, there are only picture about Minecraft.
But there will be more 😀

Klick (Gallery)


Oh BTW guys, we were working hard on a jabber server with MySQL and virtual domains support. The server is now working with MySQL now we have to configure virtual domain support. Later on everyone will have a jabber account within our comunity. We hope to get all of our users together to create a better gaming and web experiance.

Yeah our Blog is online :D

Alzu: You know, that no one will read this post, Sora?

Sora: Mmh I don´t think so Alzu, we have to advertise in mumble, teamspeak, skype and so on.

Alzu: To which people? The only people we know is each other…

Sora: So romantic Alzu, I like you <heart>, then we have to advertise on deviantart, facebook.

Alzu: STFU I’m the only one, who has a deviantArt account WITH friends and I’m the only one of us 2 on FB, since you deny their politics of information handling. And I won’t let you migrate or even scare my friends away! D:

Sora: FU I would never scare your friends and information handling is good, in form of diaspora.

Alzu: Anyway, welcome to our blog…

Sora:Yeah, change the topic, scumbucket!

Nevertheless, welcome and enjoy our brain-juice.

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