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Sim City 5 – online enforcement and simulation madness

SimCity-5Hello guys,

I’m writing to you with a concern that has been on my mind for quite some time.
As the title says right away this post is going to be about the SimCity 5 madness that has been brought to us by EA and Maxis.



1. I am going to discuss the problems with the released game.
2. I will talk about the community requests.
3. And finally I will try my best to reason why Maxis is not listening to any of the complaints of their customers.

Lets start right away, I hope this will give you a little insight of what I think is going on, enjoy reading:

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ACTA – The fight against the lobbyists continues!

We won against SOPA.
But there is no time to celebrate, yet. It seems like our governments are trying to censor the internet AT ALL COSTS.

ACTA stands for Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement. It’s a new, lets call it “bill”, discussed in the European Union (EU) and it SHOULD protect copyrights. That’s all nice an fair, but WHAT IS ACTA in reality?


ACTA would allow companies to censor the internet. YES! Not the state would do the censorship. Companies will do.    Sharing an article from a newspaper would become illegal.     Sharing books or parts of them would be illegal, too. Also, it could become illegal to quote a book. The possibilities are endless and horrifying.

You can read more about ACTA and how it works on the [AVAAZ page].

ACTA is a thread on freedom. So please go to the AVAAZ page and sign the petition. For a free web AND for a free world!


“PIPA and SOPA, how about NOPA!”

Who ever visited on 18th January 2012 got this message and nothing else to look at.
it was a magic day. The internet fought against censorship and we can hope that we succeeded. Everyone joined our little competition, and humanity was, once again, united. Against censorship.

About 115.000 sites went offline that day, 10 million signatures were collected and even the english wikipedia site was down.
These are only a few stats from the strike. We encourage you all to read the full statistics on the SOPAstrike site.

But we are not over it, yet! The bill is still pending and we need all help we can get to wake up the US congress. Stop SOPA, call your senator or send him an e-mail if you’re living in the US. If not, pray! Pray and get your US American friends to call their senators. ;D


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