Hey guys!

I’ve got a litte update for all, who are using the fragomat.net mailing service:
I did a little bit configuration on the server and the DNS entries are done. We can recieve and send mail and it shouldn’t get blocked anymore. Our mail is SPF secure and uses a DKIM signature to prevent spoofing. Yeah, I know what you are thinking: “What the hell is the geek talking about?” Well, simply, the mailserver works fine.

HOWEVER we experienced a little problem with the mailing service web.de. Web.de keeps refusing our server and I just can’t figure out why. If you have users which use web.de be shure to notify them somehow that you can’t send mails there. I am sorry, but currently I can’t change anything about it. 🙁 I will notify web.de to find a solution, next week. Until then, be patient.

Ah one quick announcement:

I singed up for google adsense, which means we will have some advertisement on this site, soon. I will place it where it won’t annoy your experience of this site so don’t worry, I guess you won’t even recognize it.

Since this becomes tradition, have a picture:

I added a little widget to the right, which provides information about the minecraft server.