Hey guys!

Today I have a HUUUGE update on our minecraft server for you!
Here’s the changelog:
1. I got rid of bukkit. (Maybe just for a while, I hope so! 🙁 )
That means, that all old bukkit mods (except runecraft) won’t work anymore. I’m sorry. Later in the future, I will do a rollback to bukkit. Right now we have huge problems with bringing all the plugins together, so I had to disable it for a while.
2. We have 2 brand new mods installed.
They are HUGE, you should check out the features on youtube:
(German video)


I am sorry but the youtube video has been removed. Instead I will post the links to the minecraftforum and the wiki:
[Buildcraft at Minecraftforum]
[Industrialcraft at Minecraftforum]
[Industrialcraft Wiki]


YOU DON’T HAVE TO DO THE INSTALL! The download of the recommended client will below this post!
3. As said above, you need a special client to connect.
The client is modded with both mods plus “to many items”
to many items is the replacement for our /i command.
Simply open your inventory and press ‘o’ like ooohhh.

[Modded Minecraft 1.7.3]

Please go to the minecraft tab and check for the client download, there. Thank you. 🙂

How to install:
1. Open up %appdata%, if you don’t know how to do this, start>run, then type in %appdata%
2. Backup your .minecraft folder
3. delete the old .minecraft folder (of course not the backup)
4. extract the new .minecraft folder where the old was.
5. CAKE!

I hope you’ll have fun with the new mods.
If something shouldn’t work, feel free to leave a comment!