Sometimes it’s just hard to sort your thoughts, especially if you’re working on such huge projects like Project Triniton. Yes, this is the first PJ_T post on this blog, and alot more will follow. Also there will be more posts about other game development ideas I’m currently working on. Read more, it’s worth it!



First things first:

The development of PJ_T is on a critical stage right now. I’ve reached a point, where my brain alone can’t hold all the ideas that I have. If I try to think and work out a part of the engine my mind literally freezes because of the massive amout of information that is connected to the project. It’s like a FAT32 hard drive with win95 that has not been defragmented since 5 years.
So what can I do to keep track of everything? I write it down. I write everything down I could think of, so far. The problem is that I produced dozends of papers, right now, since paper is the one and only way for me to sort out my thoughts. I’ve ordered a whiteboard, today, because I couldn’t stand the chaos in my room anymore. It looks pretty much like the picture on the left.



What is Project Triniton:

Somehow I totally forgot that I should explain the meaning behind that project BEFORE I say that I’m stuck. 🙂 Okay, here we go:
Project Triniton is a SIFI-MMORPG just like EVE-Online. The big difference is, that Project Triniton will allow you you to aim and fly on your own. Maybe with a joystick. I wanted to create a game with the feeling of Freespace2. A direct control adds tension to the game. You’re within, everywhere is happening something, like in CoD4, for example. That’s what I want for my game. Also it should be as complex as EVE-Online. You should be able to form huge alliances with players. You should change the story of the gameworld. So, PJ_T Will be both, you can sit in a fighter and experience the action or you’re the captain of a huge, 2 kilometer long destroyer or carrier and you can give instructions to the players within that little fighters. The whole game over, you won’t be limited by your decisions. If your decision was to become a fighter you can still become a commander, just by learning different skills. Of course your old skills won’t be lost. The skillsystem will allow you to become everything you want. Also it will be that huge, that it’s nearly impossible to finish a character. There will always be new methods to envolve, new things you can try or discover.
That’s a very fast and rough introduction into Project Triniton but it can give you an idea what the project is aiming for. I will post more in future posts. I don’t want to spoiler to much, yanno. 😀



What I’ve done so far:

  • I have a todo list. I know that sounds lame but todo lists are DAMN IMPORTANT
  • Some basic coding is done:
    • Trigonometry in 3 dimensional space with my very own classes
    • An object orientated random number generator (yes thats important)
    • 256 bit AES encryption for network streams
    • A basic module system
    • A basic directX9 initialization
    • Logfile functions
    • Virtual Files
    • Virtual Modules
    • more virtual stuff
    • useless 2D pathfinding, but it’s a start
  • Lots and lots of papers with ideas, and balancing functions and snipplets
  • Server cluster architecture. More about that later…
  • and even more that I just forgot



Some interesting Ideas and Features:

  • Asteriorid mining like in Moherload. great game, try it.
  • A damn complex crafting system which allows to build up totally custom spaceships. The idea is, that buying a spaceship is like buying a car. You have to find what suits you best.
  • GRAVITY! Planets really move around stars and you have to obtain your orbit or even fight near a planet. If your engines get hit, you slowly fall towards the planet. (unil you die, unless you repair the engines first)
  • Scavenging. Huge ships don’t explode all the time. That’s just dumb. They burn out or the life support fails. (depends what systems you hit) The wrecks will stay and you can use them to gather up resources.
  • CAKE! <-YES!




Well, I hope I could give you guys a basic idea about my work here at my little development studio. (which is my very own room haha xD) Have a nice day, and don’t get cocky!

PS: Here have a picture of the planned server cluster design. 🙂