Intresting stuff… I dreamed, that I was writing a blog entry because someone buggered me to do so. YES I’M LOOKING AT YOU, BYTE!


Well anyways, I got some news from krnlyng.


“But who the fuck is ‘krnghrlyngh’  Alzu?”

First of all, his name is krnlyng.
Second, he ports mods that usually only work with vanilla_minecraft to craftbukkit, our old (less buggy) minecraft server. You maybe remember that time when we had world edit. When we had Permissions. When you could type “/tp Alzu” and you were ported to me without that annoying map-loading bug. But I’m loosing the point. He told me that I should have a look at the forum post and read the posts of the last 2 days.
That’s what I’ve found:

Maeyanie, on 30 August 2011 – 08:33 PM, said: In other news, BuildCraft 2.1.0 and RedPower 1.7.1 are ported and in testing, they should be out Soon™


“But what does that mean, Alzu?”

That means that we’re finally going back to bukkit.
WITH buildcraft 2.1.0 (update from 1.7.x)
WITH oil
WITH industrial craft (ver 8.55_02 no IC²)
WITH redstone triggered lamps in different colors from eloraam
THAT’S OVER 9000 about 20.

I’m currently testing some stuff, updating plugins, checking ID’s.
We should be bukkit ready on the weekend, when all the testing is done. For that I will have to shut down the miencraft server for about 2-4 hours, since I have to prepare the map for it and test some new plugins with our old map. I will do that in the middle of the night or in the mornig. Hopefully no one will be online.
I wish I could tell you that I will install IC² right away, but it’s not out yet. Also I’m sad that this update came before minecraft 1.8 . BUT WE WILL BE BACK AT HOME! WITH BUKKIT! *runs against a wall*

That’s it, fasten your seat belts, we’re going home!