Guys I have some very bad news for you today.
While I was doing some serious minecraft update shit, my computer crashed. Then… it crashed again, and again, and again. I couldn’t help but looking into my machine and I figured that my mainboard got frierd. I’m currently trying to fix that problem but apparently, since now I was unable to do so. I will turn on the MC server on it’s old version so you people can play. However you need the old client. Since I can’t access my old data I’m unable to upload it again, so DO NOT DOWNLOAD THE NEW CLIENT! I will break the link, so a download will be impossible. If you already did the update try to contact a member with the old client. I’m sorry, the universe hates me. I will give you some update news when my computer runs again.

Alzurana, out!


PS: Sora, it would be nice if you could pack the old client (if you still have it) and upload it as “”. As soon as you did this the link will work again, so you !!don’t!! have to change the minecraft page!

*EDIT: Old vanilla minecraft server is online!