First of all I want to tell ya what’s broken and what’s not.
Back to friday:
Somehow, the universe hates me, because my computer started failing a short time before I was done with the update. Now I have to do everything again which is kinda crappy.
After I checked the whole system I could tell that there was only one error on my mainboard:
Two capacitors at the additional 4 pin ATX voltage converter burnt out.(speaking of the 24 pin cable, not the 12V 4 pin CPU supply) After 2 days of searching and soldering my cousin and me could replace them. My computer is running stable and even better since then. xP
Still I have to use the onboard GFX because the handling of the board caused an old bug to rise from the dead. My PCIe 16x line is currently not working. Editing the MC map in a 3D editor will become a pain in my neck but the best just for you, guys, so I will start working on the MC update again. With or without my computer I will update the server today.


Minecraft server downtime MK2:

Since no one is online, the server will go down NOW.
I should have everything back and running before 20:00 CEST.
So the downtime is from 16:30 – 20:00 CEST.

As soon as the server is online again you will need the client update.
This time I will change the download link AFTER I did the update on the server.


Love and peace, Alzu