Alzu: You know, that no one will read this post, Sora?

Sora: Mmh I don´t think so Alzu, we have to advertise in mumble, teamspeak, skype and so on.

Alzu: To which people? The only people we know is each other…

Sora: So romantic Alzu, I like you <heart>, then we have to advertise on deviantart, facebook.

Alzu: STFU I’m the only one, who has a deviantArt account WITH friends and I’m the only one of us 2 on FB, since you deny their politics of information handling. And I won’t let you migrate or even scare my friends away! D:

Sora: FU I would never scare your friends and information handling is good, in form of diaspora.

Alzu: Anyway, welcome to our blog…

Sora:Yeah, change the topic, scumbucket!

Nevertheless, welcome and enjoy our brain-juice.