Hey guys, the MC update is done. You’re going to need a new client and you will find it on our minecraft page.

We’re now running all the cool new mods, also we returned to the bukkit API. You may need to register with the server on first login. Just type “/register <the password you desire>”. I wish you a lot of fun with the new IMPROOVED minecraft.
One last note:
I had to delete all player files. A bug forced me to, I’m sorry. 🙁



  • Some items won’t appear in your inventory if you “give” them with to many items. You can fix that by looking into a chest while using TMI or through a relog, but a relog would be the last choice.
  • I don’t know if I could delete all corrupted areas on the map. If your client crashes and keeps crashing on login, please note me. I have to do some map patchwork, then.
  • Sometimes the client keeps freezing. This seems to be a bug, caused by the bukkit build of buildcraft. Should be fixed within the next few days, I don’t know but the ModloaderMP team is on it.
  • Buildcrafts oil within a pipe seems to cause heavy.. HEAVY traffic between server and client. Don’t transport to much oil or please use buckets. This is either a modloader<->bukkit “bug” or it is buildcraft itself that loves traffic. Will be fixed soon. (hope so)
  • Never forget, minecraft and especially our mods are all more or less beta, therefor bugs are normal. Still it’s a good idea to report them. If you have a bug to report please mail it to minecraft@fragomat.net. It would be AWESOME if you could mail instructions of how to reproduce the bug, too.


Industrial Craft 2 will be out, soon. Be prepared for another update within the next 1-3 weeks.
Also minecraft 1.8 will be released, soon. I hope the mods will follow ASAP.

Uh, before I forget have a look at my “awesome fixed mainboard”!


Alzurana Out!