Hey guys, I wanna tell you how the future of our minecraft server will look like:

Today Industrial Craft 2 (IC²) got released. I’m sad, it’s just the singleplayer version and multiplayer will take some more time and workaround of the industrial craft team. You can read more on their page. Also minecraft 1.8, the adventure update will come within the next week(s). So what does that mean to our server.

I belive that IC² multiplayer will be released before all mods are 1.8 ready. In that case I will do a “small” update for IC² and we will stay on 1.7 for a while. As soon as the modloader and bukkit is 1.8 ready I will do a second HUGE update to 1.8.


1.8 will expand the maps highest point from 128 blocks height to 512 blocks height which means, that our old map will be “corrupted” or better it will be below sea level. We will flood the whole old map to make shure it fits into the appearance of the new one. If you want to protect your buildings you should start building huge glass domes above your cities. This is important! If you don’t do this your area will be completely underwater! Heet this lecture, you cannot say I didn’t warned you! We always tell you guys to read the news on here, so if your stuff gets underwater it’s not our fault. Since we’re back on bukkit we can help you building domes with only a few commands so tell us if you want so set up a larger dome.


That’s all for now. Alzurana out!