Hey hey, it’s me again.

Actually that’s nothing special, got about 20 people, which go on here every day, klicking/refreshing about 50-100 times all together, so that’s no big deal.


Minecraft Update:
For godness sake! Notch can’t code. It’s still hard to change the map height. I’m not shure if I can implement that feature in time, we will see. If not we will just switch to a higher MC version without a higher map. Maybe he implements it with 1.9 or 1.10. That’s actually the second minecraft point. The main server will be updated as soon as there is a stable build with all our plugins and mods AND Industrial Craft 2. Unfortuneatly I can’t scedule that to a specific day or even week. Just be patient. For everyone who wants to play the latest minecraft (currently 1.8.1) can do so on our vanilla test server at fragomat.net:3334. It’s public so be careful. Don’t forget to backup your .minecraft folder before you update! And we will delete the testmap as soon as we update the main server. As I said, it’s a test server.


Other stuff going on:
I’m currently working on a secret game project which HOPEFULLY will be released as “family and friends pre alpha” within the next 2-4 weeks. That means everyone, who want’s to play it and is a good friend of mine/us will be able to. Now some information about it:

  • It will be a MMO
  • It will be 2D
  • It will have a huge crafting system (someday xD)
  • It’s the pre release of the “Project Triniton game idea” just to test the concept in a smaller environment and in 2D
  • It may envolve to Project Triniton 3D later, we will see. 🙂
  • It will be runable on linux and windows
  • It will be in space
  • It will be awesome
  • There is cake!


One last thing before I go.
Have a map screenie!
Are there more secrets which will be revealed the next few days?
Maybe 🙂