I am sorry but yesterday at 6PM the server crashed. Minecraft is not running anymore and right now I have no idea why. No MC server is running. Bad timing, because I have some appointments sceduled so I can’t fix that problem before tomorrow evening.
I am really sorry that you guys have to wait but real live and so on is more important right now. : /



*EDIT 04.11. 00:17CEST:
I tried thousands of things but still the MC server won’t work. Not on the linux server, nor within a virtual machine with XP or on my win7 OS. I still don’t know what’s the problem but I maybe have a guess. It COULD be a java update to java 7, but I’m not shure. The missbehaviour is really uncommon and checking configurations takes hours, since my workstation won’t support any java right now so I have to do it on the virtual box, which is even slower.
It also could be a bukkit plugin. We have about 20 plugins so you can guess how hard it is to locate the false module. I’m still testing. I hope I can fix that issue ASAP.
Again, thank you for your patience, guys and girls.
PS: The overviewer map is currently offline. It will get rerendered as soon as the server runs and will be online again 2 hours after the MC server.
PSS: With any luck, the MC server of Benni should be online sooner but it’s showing the same misbehaviour…


**EDIT 10:22CEST:
I could isolate the problem! It IS indeed the map and the combination with our funny bukkit build, wich is unable to “repair” it. Some of our map files are corrupt and I’m trying to repair them just now. I’m really optimistic that the server will run again, soon. 🙂
The Benni_MC server is already running. Seems like the map has not been corrupted for him. Let’s hope the same for the main MATRIX. <:

PS: As life would always make it easy for you, right? I can’t fix the big server how I fixed the small server… it keeps crashing. Downtime expands and my optimistic moods drops to the bottomline… Guys, I will REALLY TRY to save the map but right now, the odds are against me. Yes! That’s right! I might have to delete parts of the map. The oldest parts that ever existed + spawn, btw. 🙁   so much memories…