So we’ve updated the server to 1.8.1
Also we’ve updated Industrial craft to IC2 v1.23 and Buildcraft to version 2.2.5
RedPower is called RedPower2, now.
There are alot of awesome, cool, new features involved in this update.

However there are always some bad news:
Since IC2 is incompatible with IC we experience some lags and client freezes in the old world.
I HIGHLY RECOMMEND TO USE A x64 java version!
I am sorry for all who have lost their stuff, but we also had to delete all old IC stuff since, naa?
Yes, it’s incompatible.

Location Changes:
Byte’s lava caste is now located East of the spawn.
Overviwer map will come soon.
Also we will update the teleporters ASAP, so don’t worry.
Sora’s sphere moved a little bit closer towards the spawn.
There is a new Industrial “No Cheating” Location. I will set up the teleporters, soon.

Last but not least:
All player data is gone, so you all will wake up at the spawn again.
I had to delete the player files because of IC2.

That’s it, I hope you will enjoy the new, a little bit more up to date, server. ^^