On 18th January 2012, this site is joining the web wide [SOPA strike] to prevent the bill of censorship which is currently pending to pass the congress voting on 24th. Of course, this is not an US site, but still we are engaged in every censorship or data privacy protection fight on the globe. You can guess, why: If the US says “We allow censorship”, then other countries will follow and we can’t allow that to happen.
If you have a website, or a server, or whatever, we urge you to go on the strike, too.
Of course, we can’t force our customers to join in, therefor customer sites will stay online. It’s up to them if they join or not. Also the minecraft server stays intact. Keep in mind that you can’t access the minecraft page, and therefor you will be unable to get the client if you loose it.


The strike will begin at 08:00 CET and last for 12 hours.
During those hours you will see a placeholder which redirects you to the [strike site] if you click it.



I’ve pushed the deadline a bit.
The site will go down at 08:00 EST. We want to be more synchronous with the rest of the world.

06:00 EST is 12:00 CET <– Our Time.

So the site will go down when it’s 6 am in New York / 12:00 in Germany!