OK guys, here is the deal:

A few days ago, I finally managed to update the minecraft server and convert the map to be compatible with the new ID’s and the anvil file format. You might red about this on the MC forums, the map is now 256 blocks high. After that update we experienced some different bugs, which were basicly configuration issues. Mobs couldn’t spawn, no redPower/BuildCraft machine, which modifies blocks in the world worked properly.
After I did some plugin switches and alot of configuration additions these bugs are now solved. There might be another update within the next 1-2 weeks. It will add non pending future plans.

Here is a changelog for you guys:

Update from 1.8.1 BETA -> 1.2.5


  • Map height got increased, from 128 to 256 blocks.
  • All ID’s should be consistent now.
  • BuildCraft 2.2.5 ->2.2.14
    – Only bugfixes so far
  • RedPower 2 pr3b -> pr5b2
    – Added Computers (OS: FORTH or BASIC)
    – Added Frames
    – New logic gates
    – Magtubes
    – New Machinery
  • Industrial Craft 2 1.23->1.95
    – New agriculture System
    – lapPack, solar helmet etc.
    – alot bugfixes
    – and so much more cool stuff. Check it yourself!
  • Addons:
    – Additional Pipes for BuildCraft (teleport pipes are disabled)
    – Thermometer for IC 2 is now called Nuclear Control
    – Advanced Machines Original (Reworked)
    – Of course: Power Converters
  • Plugins that got removed:
    – Block Dispenser (we have the deployer for such stuff)
    – SimpleSignEdit (incompatible)
    – CustomCrafting (sadly incompatible)
    – DropChest/TriggerCMD/SearchIDs (no one ever used them anyway)
    – EverCart (Storage minecrats DO NOT LOAD CHUNKS anymore)
    – GravelClay (incompatible)
    – MoveCraft (We have frames, now!)
    – Permissions (We replaced it)
    – RedRemote (incompatible)
    – SimpleRestart (currently incompatible)
    – WhichMob (Replaced, so creepers are still disabled)
    – whitelist (replaced by the new permissions)
  • New Plugins
    – PermissionsEX (has submodules)
    – Modifyworld (replaces whitelist)
    – ChatManager (displays the Rank)
    – Jail (currently disabled until Sora configures it)
    – MantaBobControl (disables creeper)
  • Updated Plugins
    – AdminCMD
    – AuthMe (that’s why everyone has to re-register)
    – CraftBook (still power- and useful)
    – SetSpawn (for us admins, actually)
    – runecraft (2.12)
    – ScheduledAnnouncer
    – WorldBorder (still at + – 15000 blocks)
    – WorldEdit (so you can still nag admins for changes in the testing ranch)
  • ToManyItems is now Chickenbones NotEnoughItems
    – You can get the recipe of something by scrolling over the item in the list and hitting <r>
    – Giving items should not longer cause crashes with a corrupted inventory afterwards
  • added OptiFine HD
    – Much more video settings for better quality.
    – up to three times more FPS
    – the HD texture fix should already be applied
  • Rei’s minimap got updated.
  • Most mods are now located in the “mods” folder and not in the minecraft.jar



Known Issues:

  • The worlds facing has changed. North is now east.
    – Because of this, buildcraft pipes bug until you re-place them.
    – Circuits may face into the wrong direction.
  • Advanced Machines have to be build again. The old ones were incompatible
    therefor they got removed.
  • RedPower arrays are now part of the logic package. Therefor all old array
    blocks got removed.
  • Hydrogen’s area is still restricted. The block ID’s got fixed, but the server
    has some problems with the remaining tile entities and crashes upon removal. (FIXED)
  • Quantum Shoes might not loose energy or just display their load wrong. (FIXED)
  • The Electric Jetpack is bugged.
  • Some custom crafting recipes are missing, like the ruby->redstone recipe. (FIXED)
  • BC and RP couldn’t change any block in the world (FIXED)
  • No mobs are spawning (FIXED)




  • Charging Benches for IC2 Tools. (done!)
  • Server+Client side recipe mod. (less glitchy than a server-side solution) (done!)
  • MoCreatures (it’s a pending mod, I’m checking their update behaviour, currently) (done!)
  • RailCraft (pending mod) (done!)
  • Minefactory reloaded (pending mod) (got rejected!)
  • Chickenbones Wireless Redstone (pending mod) (got rejected! Use Railcraft Sender/Reviever)