It has been a long road of failed testing and bugs over bugs, but here we are, now!

The fragomat minecraft server will be updated from 1.4.7 to 1.7.10!
Some mods will disappear, others will be added. We tried our best to convert the map but unfortunately, almost all machines are lost. This is a fresh start! Of course, it’s sad that we obviously have to start from scratch. Metal blocks will stay in the world. This update is not final at all. All custom recipes are still missing, some nasty bugs exist within this setup but we decided to do this leap as fast as possible.

The servers are offline until 09_07_2014 1600 UTC.

More information below!

Big changes that have been made:
1.4.7 -> 1.7.10
New mod ores are generated in the old world…
Expect artifacts in the old world, where lots of blocks have been removed…
RedPower replaced by ProjectRed
ComputerCraft replaced by OpenComputers
SG-Craft replaced by LanteaCraft
Thaumcraft removed
Forestry removed
ExtrabiomesXL removed
and more!

Have a full list of all client & server mods:


== server and client: ==

* Minecraft Forge
* AppliedEnergistics 2
* Galacticraft
  ** Planets
* IndustrialCraft2-v2-experimental
  ** “Nukular” Control
  ** Gravisuite
  ** IC2 Tweaks -> DEPENDENCY: Turbo
* Buildcraft
* CFOH mods
  ** Thermal Foundation
  ** ThermalExpansion 4
  ** MineFactory 2 reloaded
  ** Nether Ores
* ProjectRed
* CustomStuff2
* OpenComputers
  ** OpenComponents
* Lanteacraft <- SGcraft replacement
* CodeChicken
  ** ChickenChunks
  ** NEI (Not Enough Items) (no plugins on 1.7.10, but that’s okay)
  ** EnderStorage
* RailCraft
* IronChest Universal
* Bibliocraft
== client only: ==
  * Damage Indicators
  * voxelMap (replaces Reis ItziBitziMinimap)
HAPPY HUNTING! See you on the new server!