This page is for everyone, who want’s to know more about
the nuts idiots behind this blog.



About Alzurana:

First things first: I’m one of the two server owners which hosts the fragomat services. The other guy is Sora, my linux madness buddy and a totally insane idiot. Just like me. 🙂
I’d like to call myself a game developer although I haven’t developed any finished game yet. This is because the projects I’m working on are, firstly, huge, and secondly, they’ve just started. (The coding started.) I’m kinda the genius mind behind all logical and performance needing features. Well, I used to be the only one until Baito, my co programmer, came to us. A genius guy, too. But I miss the point.
Project Triniton is my invention. I’m kinda the team leader. The boss. Big Fat Tony.  I’ve always dreamed of creating my own game and I’ve dreamed of making huge crowds happy through my actions ever since I was little. It sounds a little bit like “elementary school” but I’ve always kept those dreams,’n’ never forgot them.
Call me a moderate and sometimes genius c++ programmer. Depends on my mood. Also I speak ASM, bitcode and various other “languages” like python. PC’s and logic always came naturally to me. It’s like logic found me and not the other way around.


I once was an artist (pictures and digital art ‘n’ stuff) but that was a long time ago. I believe “love” pushed me into that direction.
After that I used to be the singing front man of a heavy metal band, called “circle-run breakdown”, which is a very bad translation for a “circulatory collapse”. There has to be something where I can put my creativity into, otherwise I go insane. I figured that music would be perfect for me, because it combines feelings with simple math. Furthermore music follows simple logic, but no computer could ever handle the slight differences which fill the nodes with life and emotions.
Or to say it with my own words:
“Music restored my trust in humanity, because it showed me, that humans are not like machines, and therefor have a heart.”

Though my creative time, I never forgot what I was dreaming of when I was little, so guess what happened? The PJ_TR team came to life. Now Sora, Baito and me are developing again.

So! Since this shouldn’t be a biography, I’m done now. I hope I could give you a little inside look on my motivations and my skills even tough they are kinda unusual, I guess.

*EDIT; Additional FACTS:

  • I LOVE the console window/terminal and text based applications.
  • Windows for desktop, Linux for server.
  • Since Notch, I hate java somehow… (also hate the island, too)
  • I’m German and I DO NOT visit my cellar for laughing!
  • I’m insane and dangerous.
  • I love nature and I hate what humanity does to it.
  • I HATE “STUPIDNESS”! No one is stupid, people just pretend or believe it themselves!
  • I’m a loner, therefor I am difficult.
  • Think like a child. Life is alot easier this way!
  • Never stop questioning your believes!



About Sora:

Sora will add his text soon, I’m sure!