ACTA – The fight against the lobbyists continues!

We won against SOPA.
But there is no time to celebrate, yet. It seems like our governments are trying to censor the internet AT ALL COSTS.

ACTA stands for Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement. It’s a new, lets call it “bill”, discussed in the European Union (EU) and it SHOULD protect copyrights. That’s all nice an fair, but WHAT IS ACTA in reality?


ACTA would allow companies to censor the internet. YES! Not the state would do the censorship. Companies will do.    Sharing an article from a newspaper would become illegal.     Sharing books or parts of them would be illegal, too. Also, it could become illegal to quote a book. The possibilities are endless and horrifying.

You can read more about ACTA and how it works on the [AVAAZ page].

ACTA is a thread on freedom. So please go to the AVAAZ page and sign the petition. For a free web AND for a free world!


“PIPA and SOPA, how about NOPA!”

Who ever visited on 18th January 2012 got this message and nothing else to look at.
it was a magic day. The internet fought against censorship and we can hope that we succeeded. Everyone joined our little competition, and humanity was, once again, united. Against censorship.

About 115.000 sites went offline that day, 10 million signatures were collected and even the english wikipedia site was down.
These are only a few stats from the strike. We encourage you all to read the full statistics on the SOPAstrike site.

But we are not over it, yet! The bill is still pending and we need all help we can get to wake up the US congress. Stop SOPA, call your senator or send him an e-mail if you’re living in the US. If not, pray! Pray and get your US American friends to call their senators. ;D



On 18th January 2012, this site is joining the web wide [SOPA strike] to prevent the bill of censorship which is currently pending to pass the congress voting on 24th. Of course, this is not an US site, but still we are engaged in every censorship or data privacy protection fight on the globe. You can guess, why: If the US says “We allow censorship”, then other countries will follow and we can’t allow that to happen.
If you have a website, or a server, or whatever, we urge you to go on the strike, too.
Of course, we can’t force our customers to join in, therefor customer sites will stay online. It’s up to them if they join or not. Also the minecraft server stays intact. Keep in mind that you can’t access the minecraft page, and therefor you will be unable to get the client if you loose it.


The strike will begin at 08:00 CET and last for 12 hours.
During those hours you will see a placeholder which redirects you to the [strike site] if you click it.



I’ve pushed the deadline a bit.
The site will go down at 08:00 EST. We want to be more synchronous with the rest of the world.

06:00 EST is 12:00 CET <– Our Time.

So the site will go down when it’s 6 am in New York / 12:00 in Germany!


So I have another announcement for y’all!

There is a big, big, big….
Actually it’s not that big.

The MC server will be updated soon. I would have done it sooner, but a got sick around new years eve. Bad timing, I guess.
Well my flu is almost gone, I still have a red nose and when I cough the whole house shakes, but hey, I CAN SIT ON MY BUTT AGAIN, and that means I’M BACK IN I.T., YEAH! Or back in black? Nevermind!
So, update will come soon, be prepared for a longer downtime. I won’t increase the map height. Be patient. That will come in 2-3 months, I guess.
Also we have a new banner for the MC server. Just check out the [MC page]. I deleted one advertisement block for it, so BE HAPPEH! LESS GOOGLE ADS YAY!



HAYO Another MC news time!


So we’ve updated the server to 1.8.1
Also we’ve updated Industrial craft to IC2 v1.23 and Buildcraft to version 2.2.5
RedPower is called RedPower2, now.
There are alot of awesome, cool, new features involved in this update.

However there are always some bad news:
Since IC2 is incompatible with IC we experience some lags and client freezes in the old world.
I HIGHLY RECOMMEND TO USE A x64 java version!
I am sorry for all who have lost their stuff, but we also had to delete all old IC stuff since, naa?
Yes, it’s incompatible.

Location Changes:
Byte’s lava caste is now located East of the spawn.
Overviwer map will come soon.
Also we will update the teleporters ASAP, so don’t worry.
Sora’s sphere moved a little bit closer towards the spawn.
There is a new Industrial “No Cheating” Location. I will set up the teleporters, soon.

Last but not least:
All player data is gone, so you all will wake up at the spawn again.
I had to delete the player files because of IC2.

That’s it, I hope you will enjoy the new, a little bit more up to date, server. ^^

MC up and running again!

Hey gays! Lets make this quick:

Since there was no way of getting the map repaired I loaded a backup from the 31.10. 23:00 CEST
What has been build between the 31.10. and the 02.11. has been lost forever! (/dev/null)
I’m sorry, gays, it took way to long, my apologies for that delay.
SO, the server is back, I hope everyone enjoys it!
Also the online map is rendered again, with a new texture pack! HOLY BANANA!

That’s it! Have fun guys!

MC is down for an unknown time…

I am sorry but yesterday at 6PM the server crashed. Minecraft is not running anymore and right now I have no idea why. No MC server is running. Bad timing, because I have some appointments sceduled so I can’t fix that problem before tomorrow evening.
I am really sorry that you guys have to wait but real live and so on is more important right now. : /



*EDIT 04.11. 00:17CEST:
I tried thousands of things but still the MC server won’t work. Not on the linux server, nor within a virtual machine with XP or on my win7 OS. I still don’t know what’s the problem but I maybe have a guess. It COULD be a java update to java 7, but I’m not shure. The missbehaviour is really uncommon and checking configurations takes hours, since my workstation won’t support any java right now so I have to do it on the virtual box, which is even slower.
It also could be a bukkit plugin. We have about 20 plugins so you can guess how hard it is to locate the false module. I’m still testing. I hope I can fix that issue ASAP.
Again, thank you for your patience, guys and girls.
PS: The overviewer map is currently offline. It will get rerendered as soon as the server runs and will be online again 2 hours after the MC server.
PSS: With any luck, the MC server of Benni should be online sooner but it’s showing the same misbehaviour…


**EDIT 10:22CEST:
I could isolate the problem! It IS indeed the map and the combination with our funny bukkit build, wich is unable to “repair” it. Some of our map files are corrupt and I’m trying to repair them just now. I’m really optimistic that the server will run again, soon. 🙂
The Benni_MC server is already running. Seems like the map has not been corrupted for him. Let’s hope the same for the main MATRIX. <:

PS: As life would always make it easy for you, right? I can’t fix the big server how I fixed the small server… it keeps crashing. Downtime expands and my optimistic moods drops to the bottomline… Guys, I will REALLY TRY to save the map but right now, the odds are against me. Yes! That’s right! I might have to delete parts of the map. The oldest parts that ever existed + spawn, btw. 🙁   so much memories…

Minecraft map renderer!

Hey guys, there are some awesome news for ya’ll!


Yesterday, we worked on a new restart script for our minecraft server.
Now, the server renders the map upon every restart.
You can see the rendered map here:

Some news and secrets <:

Hey hey, it’s me again.

Actually that’s nothing special, got about 20 people, which go on here every day, klicking/refreshing about 50-100 times all together, so that’s no big deal.


Minecraft Update:
For godness sake! Notch can’t code. It’s still hard to change the map height. I’m not shure if I can implement that feature in time, we will see. If not we will just switch to a higher MC version without a higher map. Maybe he implements it with 1.9 or 1.10. That’s actually the second minecraft point. The main server will be updated as soon as there is a stable build with all our plugins and mods AND Industrial Craft 2. Unfortuneatly I can’t scedule that to a specific day or even week. Just be patient. For everyone who wants to play the latest minecraft (currently 1.8.1) can do so on our vanilla test server at It’s public so be careful. Don’t forget to backup your .minecraft folder before you update! And we will delete the testmap as soon as we update the main server. As I said, it’s a test server.


Other stuff going on:
I’m currently working on a secret game project which HOPEFULLY will be released as “family and friends pre alpha” within the next 2-4 weeks. That means everyone, who want’s to play it and is a good friend of mine/us will be able to. Now some information about it:

  • It will be a MMO
  • It will be 2D
  • It will have a huge crafting system (someday xD)
  • It’s the pre release of the “Project Triniton game idea” just to test the concept in a smaller environment and in 2D
  • It may envolve to Project Triniton 3D later, we will see. 🙂
  • It will be runable on linux and windows
  • It will be in space
  • It will be awesome
  • There is cake!


One last thing before I go.
Have a map screenie!
Are there more secrets which will be revealed the next few days?
Maybe 🙂

LDAP Wahnsinn oder machbar?

Habe mich heute in der Arbeit (legalerweise) etwas über web basierte Groupware informiert. Das ganze Thema ist etwas unübersichtlich, genauso wie die Software-Auswahl. Hier mal ein paar die ich mir angeschaut habe: (Ausgewachsen, ähnelt Outlook, unübersichtlich) (Das UI gesehen und sofort wieder geschlossen) (Ausgewachsen, zu überladen) (Minimalistisch, Übersichtlich, User freundlich)

Mein Favorit ist klar SOGo, er ist für unsere Zwecke ausreichend, bietet auch eine Möglichkeit mit Thunderbird und sieht nicht schlecht aus.

So nun zum eigentlichen Thema, für SOGo braucht man ein LDAP. Dieses Thema ist noch viel unübersichtlich als die viele Groupware-Software.
Vorweg zwischen LDAP-Verzeichnisse und das LDAP-Protokoll. Die LDAP-Verzeichnisse sind hierarchisch aufgebaut, mit Suffixen. Man kann die suffixe gut mit Laufwerksbuchstaben in windows vergleichen, nur das man halt nicht C, D, E, hat sondern ein beliebiges Wort nehmen kann. Aber in diese Verzeichnisse legt man keine Datein, eher Informationen ähnlich wie in einer Datenbank. Das LDAP-Protokoll ist das eigentliche Herz, es ist in der DoD-Schicht 4 angesiedelt. Dort befinden sich z.B. auch HTTP, FTP usw.

LDAP scheint unter Linux nicht einfach zu konfigurieren sein. Momentan suche ich nach einem Programm das das LDAP für mich verwaltet. Manchmal wäre ich froh Windows zu benutzen, denn Microsoft Avtive Directory benutzt auch LDAP, ist aber wesentlich einfacher zu konfigurieren.


EDIT: Einen wichtigen Punkt den ich vergessen habe ist, das man das LDAP natührlich auch als Zentrale-Nutzerverwaltung verwenden kann. Das würde uns etwas Arbeit mit MySQL Datenbank ersparen, aber insgesamt ist es natührlich mehr Arbeit. Gewährleistet muss auch sein, das unsere ganze Software mit mit LDAP zurechtkommt.


Am Rande: Ich hab nichts gegen Roundcube mail, es ist sehr gut wie ich finde, aber ich wünsche mir mehr. Die Kontakte in Roundcube mail sind nicht mit anderen clients abrufbar. Kein Kalender und keine teilbaren Termine.


Wer sich mit dem Thema auskennt, Lust und Spaß an der Freude hat, kann sich bei mir melden: sora at fragomat dot net.

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